Your visit to the practice and Covid-19 / Corona

The practice has been open again for some time. You are very welcome to resume your treatment or an apply for an intake with regard to your complaints (please see the website for our specializations and approach). You can contact us directly, with or without referral, by phone, app, contact form, mail or social media.

The ground rules for treatment possibilities are, of course, formed by the general guidelines of the government and the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM). Additionally, the guidelines of the relevant professional associations apply, and lastly – and importantly – your own thoughts and feelings.

To this end, please note the following regarding / in preparation for your consultation:

  • If you have complaints such as a cold, flu symptoms and / or fever: please do not visit the practice, for the sake of everyone’s health, inside and outside the practice. This naturally goes without saying.
  • Note, however, that fatigue complaints often coincide with underlying complaints that can be addressed, so if they occur in isolated form, without flu-like symptoms, they are less alarming.
  • In the practice, everything is done to make your visit as safe as possible; you will not come into contact with other visitors, hand disinfectant is available and also (medically approved, highest category) mouth masks are available, as well as gloves. They will be used by the therapist in all cases, by the client if so desired.
  • The treatment environment is disinfected and cleaned after every client; please note that the toilet is (in principle) not accessible.
  • In contrast to the usual service, we ask you to bring two (larger) towels of your own with you, optionally more if you are susceptible to chills (the room is of course at a pleasant room temperature).

Finally, after all these somewhat clinical but necessary indications, we would like to emphasize that it is good and important that you receive treatment again, especially in these times. In many cases, this period can have exacerbated / fueled / raised existing complaints of stress, anxiety, blocks, trauma and frustration. Postponement of treatment is undesirable, so do not hesitate to contact us. Every effort is made to work on your health and well-being in a safe environment.