Haptotherapy is considered ‘alternative medicine’ by most Dutch health insurance companies. If you have supplementary insurance, you can therefore claim reimbursement from that category. Please check carefully whether haptotherapy is covered by your supplementary insurance. If not, you’ll have to pay for the therapy yourself.

The rate for one hour of haptotherapy in 2021 is: 75 euros.

(Please note: this also applies to an initial session / exploratory meeting)

You will receive the invoice at your e-mail address from a secure application. To make this possible, you will be asked to agree to this at the intake, so that you can be added to the system. Should you have no access to e-mail, it is possible to receive the invoice by regular mail.

If you have the appropriate insurance, you will have to submit your invoice to your health insurer yourself for reimbursement; you are kindly asked to transfer the amount charged directly to the practice’s account number yourself as soon as possible. The necessary details can be found on the invoice.

You can find the payment terms here.