What is it?
Haptonomy means: the rules or the law of feeling. “Hapsis” is Greek for “feeling” and “nomos” means “law” or “rule”. The basic principles of haptonomy form the foundation for the treatment that clients receive: haptotherapy. A therapy that makes people aware of their feelings, in order to recognize and express new boundaries and powers.

How does it work?
In this therapy, touch gives information about the client’s emotional and spiritual life. It provides insight into human existence; about how we are in life. Haptotherapy helps to find your own balance in life, because by creating or reinforcing the best possible feeling foundation, of safety, self-confidence and individuality, you discover your own place in the world around you. When you have confidence in life, you are better able to deal with your own possibilities and limitations in relation to your environment (relationships, family, work).

Praktijk Mieke Stevens:
The body is the carrier of memory and the vehicle of feelings. This may come as an eye-opener to many people. Using this therapy, the body is able to speak, as it were, and feelings and impressions can come to the surface. Unlike in psychosomatic physical therapy, where the client is to become aware of his own body, haptotherapy is more about contact, meeting, relationship.