Psychosomatic physiotherapy

What is it?
Our body tells us what reason cannot always express: how we experience things in life, how situations can affect us in different ways and what feelings we have in different situations. This is important in order to stay healthy and to enjoy life. Body awareness, learning to feel the body, is of great importance, in order to learn to recognize body signals better and to be able to listen to them. From the Eighties of the last century, a number of physiotherapists in the Netherlands have given special attention to psychosomatic approaches and treatment methods.

How does it work?
The approach of physiotherapy in combination with psychosomatics will be chosen from the viewpoint of the body: awareness and perception of one’s own body and awareness of its physical functioning in relation to psychological and social factors. With this therapy, you learn to seek out your own limits, and also not to exceed them. You will learn to feel the difference between tension and relaxation, and also to let go of tension and control. What is also important is to gain insight into how thoughts, feelings and behavior constantly influence each other, especially when creating stress and pain.

Praktijk Mieke Stevens:
Body awareness is very important in combating complaints. Clients will find that they can feel their own body properly and thus get closer to their feelings. In this way it can be experienced whether and where there is tension in the body. It is important to be at home in your own body.